In Silico Oncology

In Silico Oncology is a complex and multiscale combination of sciences and technologies intending to simulate malignant tumour growth and tumour and normal tissue response to therapeutic modalities at all levels of biocomplexity. The long term goal is to quantitatively understand cancer and related phenomena and optimize therapeutic interventions by performing in silico (on the computer) experiments based on the individual patient’s clinical, imaging, histopathological, molecular and pharmacogenomic data. In order to achieve such an ambitious goal translation of cancer models into the clinical trials arena is a sine qua non condition and therefore this aspect will be particularly emphasized throughout the workshop.

Previous IARWISO workshops:

1st IARWISO, Sparta, Greece

2nd IARWISO,Crete, Greece

3rd IARWISO, Istanbul, Turkey

4th IARWISO, Athens, Greece


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